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George Kessler

George Kessler's 1909 plan for Dallas was a remains the lasting blueprint for this city's growth. George Kessler is credited with the plotting of Central Expressway and planning the reorientation of Dallas's waterways towards Turtle Creek and the eventual, Kessler Park. In addition, he can be credited for the original landscape design in Fair Park (1904) and Oak Lawn Park. In 1908 when the Trinity River flood, Kessler was called to consult on the reorganization of the city's water system. 

Honoring the History of Garrett Park

The renowned George Kessler also designed Garrett Park, which turned out to be one of the most beautifully landscaped in the park system. Over 100 years ago the park was acquired by the Dallas Park Board from St. Mary’s College and Bishop Alexander Garrett. The park was the regular venue for summer church service, movies, and outdoor performances. The park was so popular that in 1945 the Park Board commissioned a study for redevelopment of the design. Unfortunately, that 1945 plan was never implemented. Garrett Park’s legacy has sadly become a dramatic example of park decline. Today, all the beautiful Kessler-designed features have been removed and the park is little more than an open piece of land with a play apparatus and a multipurpose court. The past 60 years have not been good to the park and it has become a dramatic example of neglect and decline. But that can all change. We have a chance to return the park to its previous glory and honor its history. A renovation of Garrett Park can once again unify the nearby neighborhoods and return a sense of space that strengthens the community.

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